If you’ve ever come across an article in Arabic on prestigious platforms like Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fortune, or Stanford Social Innovation Review, or perhaps listened to HBR podcasts or watched their videos, there’s a strong possibility that you’ve encountered my work!

And If you were captivated by the marketing campaigns and Arabic content that contributed to make the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 an unforgettable tournament, I proudly stood among the key heroes who brought them to life!

With over 14 years of experience as translator and copywriter, I’ve forged a solid reputation in translation, content writing, content marketing, communications, and media strategy.
From the art of translation to the creative process of transcreation, and from captivating copywriting to flawless subtitling, I’ve immersed myself in thousands of hours of work, covering an incredible array of topics – from journalism to business, and from captivating TV shows and movies to e-learning, information technology, and cutting-edge science.

Throughout my career, I’ve served dozens of companies and organizations, catered to hundreds of individual clients, translated thousands of pages, and worked on millions of words. Such accomplishments fill me with immense pride.

In addition to my illustrious work with esteemed business magazines like Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fortune, and Stanford Social Innovation Review, I bring a powerful combination of unique skills and real-world experience to the table. As a content writer, B2B storyteller, content marketer, content reviewer, translator, and researcher, I possess a proven track record of excellence in each of these domains.

My writing style has been honed over the years, effectively conveying the voice and message of the companies I’ve worked for in an informative and persuasive tone.
With my expertise and dedication to delivering top-notch content, I’m confident that I can add exceptional value to your projects. Whether you need captivating storytelling, flawless translation, or compelling copywriting, I’m here to bring your vision to life.